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hydraulic fluid


this is actually what texas sounds like





Captain America Leather Jacket Hot Version

There is apparently a cold version

And if you couldn’t tell from all the watermarks it’s sold by Leather Jacket Master

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Here’s the first trailer for Dai Gyakuten Saiban: The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke, for the Nintendo 3DS!

Subs will be added shortly.

A teaser site is also now available here:

And that…! Told me nothing, really. 

Real interesting music and psychedelic transitions, though. But it doesn’t really feel Ace Attorney-like.

I guess we’ll find out a bit more when the subs come out~

EDIT: As soon as I finish the post the subs came out. Nothing too much, but still cool nonetheless.

—DAA Mod


when your blog gets popular enough to get anon hate


welp i caught up with jjba


Sorry guys..this post is long overdue but I had the funnest time at wondercon on Friday uvu! I met so many fun and incredibly talented cosplayers (I was in love with everyone’s outfits but I got a little nervous when asking for pictures..) 

If this is you or you know anyone, please tell me! I will link their URL with their photo in the (sorta?) comment section here.

 Mirai Kuriyama  || 

Chiaki Nanami ||

Sonia Nevermind || idontsharemyserkets

Monomi ||

Junko Enoshima ||

Ryuugazaki Rei ||

Haruka Nanase ||

Motoko Tachibana ||

Nagisa Hazuki ||

Chihiro Fujisaki ||

Trickster!Feferi ||

Fawn Jake English ||

Kankri ||

Crockercorp Jane ||

Jade Harley || 


If you guys are interested in how I felt about my first (AM^2 did not count as a con experience haaah;;) con experience and meeting all these great people, keep scrolling! If you’re not, just skip the rest of my post please.. ;v;

This Mirai is such a cutie and I felt so bad that her glasses broke :( we tried our best to fix it with some super glue but unfortunately, it didn’t work…she managed to hide the crack with her bangs though! She was really friendly and I just wanted to say thank you because this was my first time going to a convention and after meeting you I felt at ease ?? I don’t know how to really explain it other than that haha;;

I met this Nanami when Elise and I were checking out the whatpumpkin booth and I was so excited to see someone else who was cosplaying as Nanami and I just had to get a picture with you. I’m sorry if I made you feel awkward..

This Sonia was so perfect! She was so wonderful and so sweet and she just reminded me of a princess from Disneyland she was so wonderful

This Monomi was just perfect! I loved her cosplay and she was just a sweetheart and I was glad to have seen her! I’m sorry if I seemed awkward or if I was trying to leave in a hurry to get away…I left my stuff in the corner and I didn’t want to risk getting my stuff stolen because it’s happened before haha;;;

Junko was such a great cosplay! I thought that you looked wonderful. Thank you for taking the time out of your con experience to take a picture with me!

Nothing completes my con experience than the swimming anime boys. You guys were so sweet and funny! Thank you for the silent giggles and the picture!

What a wonderful Chihiro! I was in love with your cosplay and I’m sorry if I made you feel awkward with asking for a picture with you…but thank you so much for letting me have one with you! 

I was in love with this group they were such sweethearts! The fawn Jake was such a perfect person and I thought that they were incredibly funny (I’m sorry I saw you guys when you were goofing in the garden;;) and the Trickster!Feferi was such a wonderful and precious sweetheart too! The Kankri that was with them was also very enjoyable to be around. I just really adored your group, thank you for taking a picture with me!

The two ladies who were cosplaying as Jane and Jade were so spot on and perfect, I was so impressed and jealous! I am really thankful for being able to get a picture with you guys ;v;

Sorry.. I’m lame ahhh;; that’s it for the pictures I should’ve uploaded before ahh;;;;;

the Jade Harley is vaketparker and the Crocker Jane is dicove!

really though liveblogging a series is kinda fun.

foxy grandpa

foxy grandpa